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Seminar Series for Professional Women

Leadership & Life Seminar Series for Professional Women Forge your path to success!
Designed to benefit professional women who want to positively impact their careers. Our chosen speakers will engage and inspire you to make a difference!     Learn more

Thursday, April 26    6:00 – 8:00 p.m.

“Secret LinkedIn Strategies to Leverage Your Career”

Shanna Landolt

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Many of us who have discovered our potential through PEV (Promotion of Education and Values) have taken our contribution to the next level by organizing events, helping others to reach their full potential also.

Whether you are a young student, a new mother or a successful businesswoman, we look forward to seeing you at one of our events.

We offer hands-on workshops, networking events, lecture series and cultural events. We currently serve many areas in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) including: Toronto, Etobicoke, Scarborough, Markham, Stouffville, Newmarket, Mississauga, Oakville and Brampton. We also have events in Guelph, Kitchener, Sarnia, St. Thomas and the London area.

Coming Events

7th Annual Ladies Tea The Hidden Power of Resilience
Presented by Eliza Trotter

Saturday, June 2, 2018
2 – 4:30 PM

Tickets $40 per person

For more info contact:
Early registration Raffle Prize With tickets before May 15th

St. Joseph’s Banquet and Conference Centre
300 River Oaks Blvd East, Oakville, ON

Who we are

Students    Professionals   Mothers   Grandmothers   Community volunteers

Students.   Professionals.   Mothers.   Grandmothers.   Community volunteers.

We are women dedicated to helping each woman tap into her full potential in all aspects of her life – relationships, physical well-being, intellectual, cultural and spiritual growth – unlocking those singular female qualities that lead to a full life and the ability to offer her best to her family, colleagues, friends and community.

Prom-Edu-Val Society is a registered charitable organization (Charity # 11910-5484). PEV’s volunteer Board of Directors are elected annually.  Funded entirely through donations, PEV relies on the support of people like you to carry out its programs for women, girls and families.



We believe in the unique and irreplaceable role that each woman plays in society. We help her discover and fully develop her talents to become a woman of confidence and integrity.

Leadership &

We encourage women to develop the leadership competencies necessary to achieve professional prestige and allow them to put their talents at the service of young girls and women and the wider community.


At the heart of every society is the family. We equip each woman to fulfill all her roles in family life – from daughter and sister to wife, aunt, mother and grandmother – so that single or married, each of us contributes to the building of strong, loving families and nurturing individuals of character.

Giving Back
to the

We promote service to others as the path to a more just and harmonious society.

What we do







From 9 to 99, PEV works with women of all ages encouraging them to live lives of integrity in all environments. Focused on personal and professional growth, our programs inspire women to find greater joy in living and contributing to society

Our programs are open to individuals of all races, creeds and ethnic backgrounds.

PEV entrusts the doctrinal and spiritual programs to Opus Dei, a personal Prelature of the Roman Catholic Church.

Here is a list of PEV’s current and ongoing programs.
  • PEV offers conferences, workshops, and classes on key elements of family life, including communication, character development, home management, challenges facing married couples and work-life balance. These activities provide both theoretical and practical support for married and single women looking for the happiness that comes from untiring service and noble ideals. All women are invited to join us.

  • In the workplace as well as at home, each woman has something unique to offer. PEV organizes intellectual and cultural programs to help women recognize their personal worth, deepen friendships, and strengthen their characters and professional commitments. Join other women who seek to be positive influences in society and receive the encouragement and support you need to be your best.

  • Mothers’ groups throughout the GTA help young mothers appreciate the importance of their work as primary educators of their children. These groups combine valuable knowledge and strong friendships. Women have a tremendous capacity for loyalty, service, understanding, and compassion, and PEV’s mothers’ groups help focus these talents in family life and motherhood.

  • PEV aims to provide lifelong services for women at all stages of life, since each brings its own set of demands and challenges. These programs address the needs and talents of retired, widowed, and older women. In them, grandparents find companionship and ideas to engage dynamically and effectively with their grandchildren, bridging the gap of years to pass on their insight and wisdom.

  • PEV believes that participation in artistic and cultural events helps women grow in character and recognize what is good, true, and beautiful in ordinary life. An appreciation of arts and culture contributes to the well-being of women and their wider communities, and PEV provides a myriad of activities to raise women’s quality of life on every level.

  • PEV’s girls’ club foster an environment of fun and confidence, where girls can cultivate character, develop leadership skills, and grow in friendship. Personal mentoring helps each girl discover her unique talents and combat peer pressure. With both cultural and educational activities, the clubs help ignite girls’ desire to make a positive difference in the world wherever they are.

  • PEV offers a variety of clubs and social service projects for high school girls. High school is a time of maturing and transition, and these activities help the girls face the challenges of each day with optimism and courage. Surrounded by friends and mentors, the students cultivate personal talents, leadership skills, and a spirit of service.

  • PEV’s programs for university students are meant to inspire and affirm the next generation of leaders and professionals. PEV owns and operates Kintore College, an educational centre on the campus of the University of Toronto. As a complement to their full-time post-secondary studies, Kintore residents commit to at least one course in Christian Studies, Philosophy and/or Professional Development in addition to attending lectures and discussions on a regular basis. All residents have a mentor to assist them in integrating their studies and in developing the necessary life skills to have a meaningful impact in our world. The educational programs and use of the generous library and study spaces are also available for non-resident students.  

    Activities throughout the year include stimulating lectures, study weekends, community service projects, retreats, and networking dinners.

    WEEKdays – Our WEEKdays program pairs inner-city high school girls at risk with university students who provide them with support to improve their study skills and master their course work. By helping the younger students, the university volunteers discover new talents and experience the fulfillment that comes in serving others.

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Interested in contributing to PEV’s mission?
Find out more about supporting us through a financial donation or contributing to our annual fundraising gala or volunteering with us.


Make a Financial Donation

If you would like to enrich your life and the lives of many other women, consider contributing to PEV with your time or financial donation. Contributions of time, talent or treasure in support of our mission are always greatly appreciated.


GALA 2017

Our annual gala is a fun evening with dinner and entertainment. Here, we highlight one of the clubs or projects initiated by some of the women of PEV. Join us this October 21st 2017 and meet our friends, donors and the dynamic women of PEV!

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Thank You

Donors & Sponsors
We would like to thank past donors and sponsors who have helped support PEV through our various fundraising events.

In-Kind Donations
We would also like to thank the people and companies who have helped us through their services and contributions of needed items, e.g. furniture, pianos, book collections, etc.

PEV Supporters
A very special mention to all our volunteers who have helped so generously with their time and talents over the past 30 years!



Whether you are a young student, a new mother, or a successful businesswoman,
we look forward to seeing you at one of our events.


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